Alexander the Great, Part III: Show Notes

Alexander the Great, Part III investigates the most controversial aspect of Alexander's life - his relationship to his companion Hephaestion. Below, you'll find more info. on the guests, music, and resources which made this episode possible. If you notice anything missing, please leave a comment! 

Guests (in order of appearance):

Jeanne Reames, PhD

Dr. Reames is the Director of Ancient Mediterranean Studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Her research and teaching focuses on Ancient Greece, the Ancient Near East, and the early Church. She is also one of the world's leading experts on Alexander's mysterious companion Hephaestion. See more of her work.  

Andrew Chugg

Andrew Chugg is a leading researcher, writer, and commentator on the life and times of Alexander the Great. He has been featured on the BBC and in National Geographic. Andrew maintains two websites featuring his work: Alexander's Lovers and Alexander's Tomb



Greek Temple - Derek and Brandon Fiechter

Tzivaeri traditional sea song - Arranged by P. Stefos, used with the permission of LyrAvlos Centre of Greek Musical Tradition 


Key Sources/Resources:

Arrian, The Anabasis of Alexander

Plutarch, Parallel Lives

The Iliad

Jeanne Reames, Was He Really Alexander's Lover?

Blog post: Were Alexander the Great and Hephaestion lovers?

Jeanne Reames, An atypical affair? Alexander the Great, Hephaistion Amyntoros and the nature of their relationship

Andrew Chugg, Alexander's Lovers

Donald W. Engels, Alexander the Great and the Logistics of the Macedonian Army